Phlebotomist, Mobile Examiner (7525)

Job Description:
ExamOne is hiring a traveling per diem Phlebotomist / Mobile Examiner to work a flexible schedule under 30 hours per week in Crane, TX! Starting pay during training is $17.
00/hour! Post training pay ranges are based on services being provided! Job Overview: The Mobile Examiner's primary responsibility is to provide coverage in the field ensuring that mobile exams are completed accurately and on time.
Mobile Examiners maintain a safe and professional environment for applicants, clients, and employees; perform with confidence all aspects of an insurance exam, including specimen collection and processing duties following established practices and procedures.
Mobile Examiners will be performing preliminary exams including physical measurements and biometrics.
Some exams may take up to 2.
5 hours and require travel in and up to a 25-mile radius.
Mobile Examiners must meet the following requirements: High school diploma or equivalent Phlebotomy License/Certification required in CA, WA, NV & LA Experience as a Phlebotomist within the last two years Recent graduates without previous experience must have a minimum of 100+ sticks Must have reliable transportation, valid driver's license and auto insurance Must be willing to travel (up to 50-mile radius) Knowledge of medical terminology Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Ability to manage concerns of patients in a professional manner Ability to make decisions based on established procedures and exercise good judgment As a Mobile Examiner you will be responsible for the following: Ensures all specimens are collected accurately and on time.
Collects specimens according to established procedures.
Conducts in center exams and mobile exams, which include taking basic vitals, medical histories, venipuncture, urine collection, and EKG.
Also collects specimens for pre-employment drug screenings and other Quest Diagnostics services.
Responsible for completing application packets and other paperwork accurately.
Label, centrifuge and split specimens as required by test order.
Upload and complete cases in portal within 24 hrs on weekdays and within 48 hrs on weekends.
Package specimens for transport and ship to lab indicated on work orders.
Responsible for the safe and timely transporting of specimens, supplies, equipment and materials to the appropriate destination.
Maintains records of each specimen collected each day.
Support Record Deletion process when directed by Management.
Submits original paperwork to destination.
Provides customer service to clients.
Follows current Examiner's Manual.
Reads, understands and complies with departmental policies, protocols and procedures: (i.
Procedure Manuals, Safety Manual, Compliance Manual, Automobile policies and procedures, Employee Handbook, Quality Assurance Manual).
Maintains all appropriate Phlebotomy logs.
Maintains error rate of no more than 3%.
Confirms exams with clients day before appointment and status the case at time of confirmation.
Correct non-applicant errors within a 24-hour time frame.
Submits accurate time and travel logs as directed by management and on time.
Submits accurate expense forms, if applicable, on the required day.
Properly clock in and out for work assignments.
Provides travel logs when applicable.
Assist with distribution of technical information and communications to the work group.
Flexible travel (up to 25-mile radius) and flexible work hours.
Maintain dates of availability and dates unavailable in Exam view.
All other duties as assigned, within scope of the position.
Required use of company i-pad or specified electronic device.

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